studio works in progress : altered watch crystals

Altered Pocket Watch Crystals

 Working on embellishments for a new series of textile accessories.
The completed pieces will be featured in steamy collaboration 
with my artistic partners, Ricky and Dean of EDM Designs.
 There is a kindred energy that goes into work I send to Ricky for finishing. More so, I am forever conscious of every natural imperfection and nuance Dean's camera will discover.  

A little bit about 1/2 Street Studio &  EDM Designs :

I first met my artistic partners a decade ago on Ebay. Our lasting collaboration is unique in that we never greeted in person, always via virtual or phone. Our relationship reminds me of an warm up exercise from my college figure drawing class. Class instructor was a brilliant young lady working on her MFA in painting. Sharing other students approach and outcomes is limited when working with live models. Hence a warm up exercise in which we rotated , then worked each others canvas in 2 min intervals. Many of the collaborated sketches rendered a genuine sense of rhythm and an overall freshness. It is as if another artist can see where your thinking, recognize your perspective and innately continue the expression much like siblings finish each others sentences.