of Grace and Beauty

Ancient cultures throughout the world revered those who were exceptionally gifted or beautiful as manifestations of God's grace on earth - a link between the divine creator and humankind.  Awareness of beauty is born, fades, and returns again to beget beauty, in a continuous, creative unfoldment.  We create many problems for ourselves by wanting to demystify and possess beauty and grace, to reproduce an essentially ephemeral experience and make it permanent.  When all efforts fail, as they inevitably must, we become stuck in an impossible longing to re-create what was lost through some contrivance of our own.  If we manage to withdraw from this desire to grasp and possess, the experience of grace becomes a source of inner nourishment that deepens our aesthetic pleasure and joy in life.
among my struggled outcomes is the inability to let go and flow with the medium capacities and the presence of my own inhibitions to experience the art of "being in the moment of creating". I want my work to reflect a fresh willingness to grow, to expand  and continue as a timeless expression of my journey.

.....{with special thought towards jane's cicadas and ephemera}


Anonymous said…
And Obsession! A really wonderful statement of Grace...a learning experience it has been and I send Many Thanks your way for helping me in my Journey! Best Regards,Jane Plain