A Good Meld is Half Done

September is long gone October is all gone November is going going gone! 
I have been stradling tasks and cleaning up the studio with intentions of melding my interests into one solid flow. 
In early 1990 I set my presence to eBay online mixed media sales. During my eBay reign I networked with the industrious mixed media artist of ZNE. As an alternative to eBay's uninviting dismantle for artisan made sales I began with the grass roots of ETSY selling mixed media supply kits.  Moving forward, I started incorporating more textile into my kits/works and sparked with fashioning an artistic partner alliance with steampunk artisan Ricky Wolbrom of EDM Designs. In 2009 Ricky launched online sales of our textile steampunk accessories to compliment her already successful EDM Design brand custom steampunk jewelry. With the task of presentation and marketing in Ricky's discretion I was freed up to continue studio work. Hence the fleshing out of my ecoprinted Bard Owl collection. Did I mention my youngest son is graduating high school this year... busy but alas empty nest cometh. I'm feeling both exodus and fresh beginnings with anticipations of merging all that my studio work has been with all it is to become. It is at this 1/2 Street studio blog crossroads I can be found. The melding of nature and technology may prove to be my greatest online presence challenge yet. In gratitude to your being spectator in my turnstile I invite you to begin {again} this challenge with me {where all good beginnings begat} with some 1/2 street studio journal page blank prompts  [yes there is a Dr in the house, journal pages for the artistically insane designed by my alias Dr. Eamer, you must know tis my secret to how I remove myself from the chaotic pressure of finding direction and can think out of the box]  

Journal prompts are sized for 8 1/2 x 11 pages structed in half page compositions. 
[click on image to enlarge to print or save to your image files]