abandoned boundaries

there are places along the process I feel comfortable with abandoning pursuit of "finishing". If you have ever tried to tidy up the edges around a focal in a nature photo or drawing then you might agree "nature is a mess". Midst the mess is an alluring rhythmic flow one element into another. Even stark mountain scapes set against blue skies seem to endure forever, with point of beginning and end a place in distant vague horizon. Then there is the ever prevailing orientation of gravity and direction, a north, south, east, west, or an upside, down side, a front and center. Even conceptual works express the notion of beautiful randomness by the blatant renderings of no direction at all. Each a notion very grandly pondered but each with the return to ebb and flow. wearables have certain form constraints with regards to boundaries, direction, ebb and flow, most of which begin and end with edge treatment. I work to find organic expressions, places in the process to leave off and go with gravity or perhaps bind with patterned cling much like a gnarled vine would twine off a rocky cliff. Often the mere weave of textile lends itself to a fluid departure subtly flowing and puddling along garment edge.  Comparing nature photos with my studio work helps me build an intuitive sense of natural direction. Yes sometimes I "overwork an edge" other times I may "leave off" when the expression was just getting good, but that is part of learning how to abandon a boundary and let the textile continue the expression.