Trans-Lucid from Heaven to Earth

“Before falling to the ground, the rain has touched the sky. 
(Avant de tomber au sol, La pluie a touché le ciel)” 
― Charles de Leusse

Prints from leaves are typically lucid color shapes conformed to textile weave. By lucid, I'm suggesting a translucent clearness, a print visible under a print visible on a surface. If you have ever been on crystal clear water, it appears you can reach in and handle the pebbles tumbling along the bottom when infact they are feet deep below. This see-through distinction in a leaf print is for me much like a memory, a detailed reminiscence, an echo of familiar song, a small souvenir of something much grandeur. I get a little humored with my obsession to devise a more detailed, more vivid color, something looks like a leaf feels in my hand.  Alas the outcome albeit pleasant enough is a mere wisp of color from that which has fallen from heaven. {that is not to say a bit of iron in the pot won't linger heaven's bond a little stronger} 
I want to mention again how much I like 60 silk 40 wool blend because of the "tooth" sure the lovely slick silks flow with beautiful lucid prints but I much like for a change some surface texture for a woodland expression. I must add this is a beautiful scarf blend for in between seasonal weather open weave with that bit of body from the wool. {no it is not scratchy as yes it hand washes beautifully}

perhaps you can get a "feel" for the body viewing next to a linen