Spiffing the blog up a bit

I am spiffing up the blog , rearranged pages a bit getting ready for a new flow of activity. Slowly but assuredly I will be archiving steampunk collections and new works onto Steampunk Works Page. Some really beautiful steamy Ivory and White textiles for the alternative bride and summer collections coming soon. As for the Half street under the pines , Lebanon Il May Market Home and Garden Show is just around the corner and I have been busy revamping ecoprints in anticipation of a good show. I have archived the Bard Owl ecoprint collection page as I'm feeling inspired to a different nature of ecoprinting, something more involved with construction and embellishment perhaps even more intricate like accessory pouch or inclusions of pictorials within the cloth , definitely pockets yes feeling very attracted to parts for pockets. I leave you on this beautiful spring day with a sneak peek of my current trend {it needs a pocket }