Home is Where You Build Your Nest

cheerily, cheer-up, cheerio; or tut-tut or piik-piik.
I don't exactly know how to put Robin trilling into words, equally challenging is measuring the heavens. For today I interpret it as affirmation of a fresh creative flow. Yes, I do often contemplate if I am at the beginning or end of an enthusiasm. And yes I look for affirmation, be it bustling in perpetuity or in peaceful refrain.  Reckon it direction from the great void if it be both serendipitous and auspicious. That is to say how pleasantly inspiring to happen upon a thing of nature fashioned by an intelligent cause surely the universe allows for my creative flow a likewise favorable niche.
This particular  "nest in a fence"  location has me wondering if was selected due to urgency? Yes convenience to the bird bath water necessary for the nest mud element? Perhaps mating urgency paired with innate attraction to the rust red color fence? No difference, as never a more divine example of rhythm and order, nor a truer blue. The very essence of "creative flow" integrated with "well made".