When in Rome

Unusually rainy weather or perhaps an extended spring. Green beyond the horizon, plentiful leaves for the printing are back. When in Rome, do as the Romans do,,,,, hence I'm taking full advantage of my puddled driveway for soaking leaves. Did I mention "what a haul" I salvaged from the urban landscape debris barrels on pickup day "delightful"!!! prunus by the bushelful which as well you know is one of my most favorite prints, truly I'm in supply heaven.

 I'm anticipating the rain puddle to add some interesting hue to the aluminum pot, I think it will do nicely with last years black walnuts, prunus twigs {yes wonderfully pink when snapped}, a little dash of iron liqueur and a magnificent found rusty iron screen. 
I'm using my electric burner, not a good day for a fire pit- the wood is wet plus it continues raining,
 [a halt in the locust zingggggg is a welcome peace , I can actually hear the frogs singing in three meadow harmony]

I have been busy cleaning closest and bags of garment stash ......Happy Spring my first pot of the season, with intentions of keeping the cauldron bubbling for the next couple days. 
June 6th I am urban bound for a lovely day of demos and talking with passerbys about my art at The Tiadaghton House in Lebanon Il. 

Let the printing rituals begin. 
Beauty and Love surround you.