Windfalls and All is Well

We in the middle states have been getting hammered with an extended spring stormy season. 
Good we all continue without severe weather damages, even better is the plenty of windfalls for the printing. This weeks storm pruned my sassafras tree grove, and yes I happen to love sassafras prints so be it. 

I'm still teetering eco-steampunk palettes and a "natural look" complimentary to leaf patterns. These are a few pieces primarily printed with sassafras, some pecan and hickory. I'm working with scarves, a few pendants and a modest layered approach. I'm hoping to get some of this in my mind before working with a model, also to better focus on my collection for fall markets. 
clearly sassafras has found it's way into the palette hence I'm going to go in that direction for my current palette. 
[click on the images for larger view]

this is my progress on the eco dark steam, discovered a privy of lovely clock pendulum weights very suitable for pendant wear.

I'm working with some faux rust and patina on metal base elements, I think will add some interest to a matching accessory for this earthy with a hint of evergreen palette.