joe pye weed

I have a hefty stand of Joe Pye Weed ,  do I know if is  Eupatorium (Eutrochium) cultivar - purpureum ? or  E. maculatum?  no I do not I was gifted a start so long ago I've since lost track who has what count of what. Joe Pye is in the milkweed family and one of the few monarch larvae hosts. I've had the ever evasive stand about 15 years and really no good fortune for attracting monarchs, black and yellow swallow tails a bunch but not the prized monarch. As providence would have it today I spotted a monarch fluttering about the florets in my Joe Pye-s  "yeah finally" because the darn plant is super giant and I was seriously considering cutting it back to only a few plants.  I have great hopes of perhaps seeing a chrysalis this year, I welcome this medicine to heal my weariness with transformation and constantly having to adapt to change in my surround, I'm reminded to examine and re-examine my internal creative cycle, to honor each stage in my development. Well was a simple gentle visit from the great void, a final sense of gratification even if was for one monarch butterfly. 

very fortuitous love when things are as they should be.