too much is sometimes just enough

Print pigment is in part dependant on what is in the soup and what the pot itself is made of. I have switched to enamel ware in effort to deduce what is promoting pigments. This particular brew is attractions of acidic nature:  hydrangea, decayed black walnut hulls, sassafras leaves, black willow{salix nigra} stem and leaf, still trying to lasso the salix properties which I contend are better left untainted with any presoak with metal liquors and more at ease to leave lovely defined prints when coupled with liquidamber sweetgum leaf , pecan and or black walnut leaves as mordant. 

The following are results on cotton with a heavy dose perhaps too much of iron liquor in the processing bath and extended time again maybe too much in a presoak of iron water. 
I like it but I want to find agreeable terms with less surrender of color pigment than iron.