more lovely exciting simple magic

my day is gone the evening too.... It was a lovely day, the squirrels working madly with leafed twigs strewn to all four winds, life in a globe of wisping swirling surround at home with our Lady of the Tall Trees letting her hair flow despite gravity's providence. Her and I, a true must gather while ye may runs steady through my thoughts of season exodus. No I didn't get my wrapping done, a last thought to add todays bounty with yes yesterday pan of neglect. A better thought was last nights idea to cover the pan with a damp silk shirt .....  well when I lifted the shirt to tuck in my leaves {yes I squealed, much like when I talk with myself but with more enthusiasm} ALAS her beautiful essence lovingly EFFORTLESSLY patterned the silk with the simple magic of her touch. so lovely 

... yes of course I flipped the white backside onto the leaves - oh sweet Autumn dreams and anticipations unto another day. Little is so much when one has had too much.