slow cloth

My summer has been dedicated to the multi processing of cotton. The traditional sense of slow cloth is handmade woven or felted, naturally dyed fabrics, umm works that take time aside from commercial production and undesirable industrial environmental disregard {and all of the other rants that go along with industry}. Although upcycling industrial goods is not a cure for fashion/pollution issues nor is it pure slow cloth I am compelled to make the very best use of what is otherwise natural fiber trash. Getting back to slow cloth ..... gathering and refashioning thrift-ed goods takes time, the mordant step for preparing cotton to accept natural dye takes time as well the actual surface printing with leaf and plant matter takes time.  For example, a cotton refashioned Tee occupies a week of my time, yes I work several at once, yes I use sewing and serger machines, yes plant matter is in abundance but again it is the gathering and working together materials that requires two hands and slow time.


mordant and dye process same approach/pots heated with open fire

the cooked pot with fresh rain water
the unbundling
extra artisan marks 
the finish