While the Getting Is Good

You have persevered, gone the distance through an entire cycle — through the Spring of hope or new passion, through a Summer of growth and building, only to be sacrificed like the archetypal Harvest King at the Autumn reaping.
You lie dormant like seed beneath Winter snows now, healing and absorbing new energies in preparation for the new young Spring coming shortly to your life. ~Hexagram: 24  IChing    Fu / Return

Funny strange thing is Autumn is Spring when using leaves to surface dye clothing.  The trees are changing by the hour, rebirth and growth are done, reaping is coming down hall. Nature has done the thing and now my spring is kicking in.


Susan said…
Hellow!!!! Teresa, I live in Swansea, and I decided to stop working full time to pursue my arts. I studied graphic design and majored in printmaking many moons ago and with hubby being in the service, it all took a back burner. He always wanted me to pursue it, but I kept it back, because I had a low self esteem and it costs so much. Now many years later, I took a jump and quit working full time to work on fiber arts and fine arts. My fiber started with crochet that bloomed to freeform. Then I wanted to spin funky art yarns for that and I have now wheels. Then weaving has enlighten my horizon. But with dyeing fibers, I became enchanted with eco - dyeing. I have given it a couple of tries, but I need more information. Do you teach? I have an issue with getting books, but do not read. It is like I get it glance at it and try to do it. If it succeeds, I try something else, but otherwise I might go back and look. With my low self esteem I have at times, I do not follow through and absorb what I should. But I am trying so hard to change it. Have any suggestions?
Teresa Stanton said…
Susan, thanks so much for visiting my blog, wonderful to have your contact feel free to correspond with me thru my email teresa@halfstreetstudio.com, I am always happy to discuss our regional plants as well how they respond with a simple water test. As always I suggest previewing online India Flint's The Bundle Book http://www.blurb.com/b/5423526-the-bundle-book. I look forward to your email, fondly:T