finding spring

I continue with thoughts on familiarity as an exchangeable especially in regards to winter's rest for a spring renewing. Sifting through my stash of last autumn's gathered leaves and unfinished works did very little to spark nary a spring heartbeat. I had purposed intentions for gathering leaves but slumped in exasperation perhaps from abundance, as is when Autumn leaves come and creativity burns beyond what is humanly possible to consume. 
 I feel my being is directly connected with my creative work directly dependent on the elements. This poses a very big spring issue for me. The forethought to store leaves yes, never having utilized leaves cycled in this manner no, challenged yes but not without resources. I eased through winter with refashioning experiments and finding comfort in plotting small projects around new moon cycles.
Intent is a good place to begin:
I'm going to use my leaves, my winter refashioning reference and plot my projects around the moon. {"ta da"} - plus I'm engaged in a myriad of gleaning from others approach to being , to how they connect with the elements and most of all enlisting the energies of others inline with my efforts-
I want to share my most recent discoveries on my journey to destination spring. 

this is my beautiful friend Veronica, giving heartbeat to my last autumn's glory.  
I want for my art to communicate life force, to be an ever evolving expression adaptable to  
 the wearer's sense of elemental alchemy. I feel Veronica is attracted to the natural colorways, perhaps a complimentary kindred with the warm golds and subtle tones. 

 today is first quarter of this new moon 
1/4 moon (the Waxing...getting bigger moon)
New life is forming No more planning... this is action time, Connect with those that you need to help you make your thing and then CREATE the first draft.
I love that Veronica is part of my creating , I feel very on schedule with my intentions and this moons project of finding spring.

Why Create by the Moon? 
• Reconnects you to ancient work rhythms that integrates the need to rest and recover so you avoid creative burn out. 

Elemental energy you ask?

As the days become warmer and brighter, nature rouses from her winter slumber and looks ahead to the new growth of spring. The Wood, which has been at rest, storing and concentrating its energy under a winter blanket, now bursts forth with new buds, new life piercing Earth's crust. The swelling Wood of spring initiates rebirth - a surge of rising energy, like the young lamb staggering up to nurse, like the dandelion whose growing edge can burst through concrete if it must. Wood is the energy of youth and growth: a new beginning, a vision of a whole new cycle. The Wood energy of spring is an expression of life at its strongest.
If we have followed nature's way and taken a winter rest, we too emerge into spring “raring to go,” with clear vision and a sense of purpose. This is the season to plant seeds for a future harvest, to look ahead and make new plans, formulate new ideas, make decisions, and determine our direction for the coming year - and to take action.
Spring's increasing warmth encourages us to stay outside more than we did in the winter. Warmth comes not only from physical heat, but also from the interaction of friendships and relationships. In this season, we want especially to take advantage of opportunities for growth through the observations and insights that come from others as well as from ourselves. It can be painful to see ourselves through different, and perhaps clearer eyes, particularly aspects of ourselves that we are unaware of. Similarly, it can be difficult to convey an unpalatable truth to others. While the energy of spring supports and challenges us to grow and change, we may feel discomfort from these processes. We can temper our pangs with the warmth of friendship, as well as with the recognition that we all experience growing pains in the process of realizing our potential. ~Copyright 1997 by Neil Gumenick, 

In honor of this working like a medicine on my human need for ritual, celebration and dance
{but in slow motion and rising quietly but brightly like the sun}
I will close with a surround of music.