texture and fit

A simple walk around the block helps unglue my focus on the work table and often gain an amusing insight from nature. For example: I was riffling and pleated and gathering and pinning fabric for pleasing "fit".  It gets complicated managing a tumult of mental recollection with regards to working out the accentuating and minimizing fabric drape over the human body weight and pivot. Funny strange that I should happen onto this pod while taking a walk break from "fit" issues. I first noticed the plant growing tenaciously over a fence. Drawn in with delight by fuzzy upward blooming purple clusters. Of course I touched the blooms to validate was indeed  fuzzy and there hanging in the midst was a splendid fuzzy seed pod. On the ground below several windfall pods {assuredly destined to landscape debris barrel, I naturally pocketed one as found treasure}.
Closer inspection revealed a lovely deep purple-ish woody casing with cracks describing where in attached  plumped up matured seeds. 
A lovely "fit" and woody layers even more alluring.