Teresa how do you begin refashioning a shirt

For me the intrigue of natural design is straying adrift with organic rhythms, wandering irregular outlines and pausing at cross roads in surface character. Nature is rarely tidy often a tangled mass of textured shapes. Visual communication too can be a muddled discord of medium and composition elements.  Expressing what I see in nature and direct building forms void predetermined cutout pattern can be like journeying in a foreign land and not speaking the language fluently enough to ask for directions. It helps me to make provision to find way within the composition and place in view. 
My formative training is in painting and drawing from direct observation of life forms. I learned to approach two dimensional renderings with a focus on directional contours and shift in textures. I begin my 3 dimensional refashioned forms the same way I learned to approach 2 dimensional canvas by first clearly marking central location points.  It is easy enough to find place when working wearable shape on the dress form, however when working off the dress form marked central points are helpful indicators for developing an intuitive sense of direction

I then connect central location points by marking paths of prominent horizontal and vertical lines complimentary to the dress form shape. Establishing this navigation framework allows me to concentrate on developing a visual dialogue with the shape and materials. I don't have to worry about where I am on the shape, my concerns are with cutting away and adding textiles in ways that express natural design.


Miz Shoes said…
Thank you for this. I never know where or how to begin. You've articulated a path I can follow.
Teresa Stanton said…
it works as a continuation of a good beginning :)