TGIF! Twitter Google Instagram Facebook- it was fun but I'm back

I Had a Wonderful Time Vacationing in the Parallel Universe Facebook. I really do like social media with confession of being comfy posting daily on my Half Street Studio Facebook page. During my social media tour I left a string of videos,  perhaps my next trip I will hook up a good "live" session. 
Enough TGIF - although friday is indeed a welcome sight {get it site} pfft ok down to business
I have all but neglected my fruit indigo vat with contemplation of starting a ferrous indigo vat. Warming the fruit vat is a task whereas using the ferrous vat cold may be more inline with the chilly nights. I'm also clearing out the remains of last years hoarded naturals, making room for an abundance of newly gathered. I have been negotiating with mystery bags of left over hickory nuts, produce bin onion skin hoards and lovely purple but brittle crumbling Prunus leaves {if I didn't mention I like horeshoes , good iron juju}. Reluctant to pitch'em so I choose to swerve off the routine, cook up a warm earthy brew and go on a little ombre ecoprint journey. 

{really? who doesn't like cooking shows?}