Exodus FirstCuts and Today

The glory of Autumn is surely fading. First morning surrounds settled beneath my feet, never so lovely is fruition than the last golden farewell.  Wood thrush eeh-oh-lays seemingly amplified among barren treetops. The air is close and thick I know in my minds heart this is the way Autumn offers a lasting embrace. 

Adjustments, turning inside both to the studio and in my thoughts of others making changes along the path. I'm already disgruntled with lack of video editing experience, crappy indoor lighting and just a general slack in work flow. My friend marty of http://www.lowdogband.com/ is contemplating change of location - I feel his chords and music will blossom as he works through transitions. I cabbage-ed a song clip of one of his early first-cut broken heart songs and added it to the studio video...until I can get a handle on editing and or videoing inside better first cuts is the menu. Anyway I'm trying to finish up this wool jacket. It needs interesting buttons and a fix on the crochet hemline, I'm going with the mixed up combination of hem finishes and lots of machine stitching on the greater wool strip hemline sections.  

special thoughts on Jane of www.janeplain.com  as she too contemplates hitting the Oregon trail with her beautiful edgy earthy adornments. If you are in the etsy neighborhood fav one of her lovelies it appeases her muse. 

Wild Hoofbeats they echo off the canyon walls calling you to run...

Jane Plain lucky talisman poetry earrings.

Reclaimed copper with a natural patina hammered just so with faceted crazy lace agate on sterling silver flower ear wires.