I Love This Fancy Morning and a little lowdog background music magic

{this first video is a repeat if you caught me on facebook} oh I love this day, fancy lowdog background music.. 2 refashioned jackets drying from last night's mordant dip, they are "choices" for a certain someone to holiday gift their special someone [deadlines on track yeah] ... ... walking past the mordant pot {did you notice my muse sitting there by the mordant pot like a mule skinner with a whip?} ..hi red dog sweetie puppy boy.... ahhhh the highlight of my morning a processed bundle ready for the reveal

video part 2 picks up where the first left off with unbundling, this is the creative process stage ecoprinters term "the reveal" in all honesty this is the moment that keeps me addicted to craft. The garment is a refashioned silk knit size medium sweater with added length machine stitched wool remnant hemline. Very lovely prints especially intriguing are the oak leaves.