Is It Friday Yet!

I left off yesterday with wrapping my bundles with the giant sycamore leaf experiment. I do think the leaf gained me an extra 5 or so inches of leaf print canvas with the lovely addition of warm sepia on the contact surface in close contact the sycamore leaf.  The video is of the unbundling of two separate jackets, the first is a synthetic wool blend the second a wool. The synthetic blend did mingle with the leaf tannins but predictably not as well as the wool. The cotton crochet looks to have equaled in response due the pre-mordant and I feel the extra wool strip detail on the crochet edges resulted in a lovely finish.

There it is that certain someone has some lovely choices to gift his special someone ...and if all doesn't work out it was really a nice switch up working with garments my size that I could personally model and will solidly add to my collection if one or the other hangs around very long.