There's only one day at a time here

“There's only one day at a time here, then it's tonight and then tomorrow will be today again.” 
― Bob Dylan, Chronicles, Vol. 1

Every step in the process perpetuates a sense of meaningful activity.  What I do in a morning carries over through the night and begins the next day. I typically gather what appeals to me, making mental note of location, or what the tree bark looks like or how the stand or hedge wildly grows. Often nuts, berries, blooms and leaves scattered on the ground are abbreviated versions of greater narratives. 

this is how I began today, first a walk and some gathering. Then removing yesterdays bundle from last nights steeping. {If you caught me on facebook this morning this first video is a repeat of my mornings post}

I'm still adjusting to working inside. Although dreary lighting I need the practice in video sharing. This is a refashioned wool jacket I am bundling with leaves gathered on this morning's walk. The Jacket is much bulkier than a simple top.  I'm having a go with wrapping the bundle in sycamore and catalpa leaves in effort to gain a few more prints on the otherwise exposed cloth surface in last revolution. I included the large leaf experiment on yesterdays bundle which remained in bundled rest today. Tomorrow morning I will unbundle it for the reveal and evaluate if I like the large leaf outcome.

tonight I will finish some refashioning with anticipation on tomorrows reveal. 

I did discover that my friend's father has the natal day as my father, comforting to have the connection fill the void, a nice share that we were both having one of those days today xxoo