working with edges

 Hemline presents a finishing choice, crochet open stitch edges for certain need an unravel fix. 
The original lace edge is ideal .

I've added modest fabric sections for a secure clean finish on bulkier or extra draped garments

 I tried applying, in a direct approach, different textile strips to the 
inside hemlines on this piece in hopes of discovering a hemline less time intensive yet effective in securing the unravel. I want a frayed salvage look yet something that constitutes a solidly finished edge that will withstand wash and wear. 
The mix up is in itself interesting and really each textile seems to have held up well in processing. Each edge finish little different than the other and I feel the overall drape is nice with the silk knit foundation.  

I have been working on the short clip videos and proceeding with a little longer play versions. The following video is recognized among ecoprint enthusiast as "the reveal" stage in the ecoprint process . The video begins with an immersion processed leaf wrapped bundle and strums along a brief look at the different textiles i used on the hemline experiment.