I happened onto a want for trying natural processing in the lake

sometimes new and exciting opportunities just happen along the path. Or perhaps it was there all the while waiting for serendipitous discovery. 

 I recently discovered what appears to be a perfect location for leaving a bundle immersed in natural water body. Although to late in the season for long processing time for my comfort, I did have a go with a couple days to validate my assumptions. 
I began with a lightweight wool upcycled, immersed in an iron and leaf tannin tea the bottom half to hemline and same with sleeves prior to bundling.

I utilized leaves floating on top of lake to bundle with the wool, then secured my project in a location adjacent an iron drainage grid seated in a shallow lake embankment. Assuming the pile up of leaf matter caught by the grid paired with the iron sediment would nudge interaction between wool proteins and leaf tannin. 

in four days I returned to the location making note to return in the spring with like project immersed for a much longer time {wishing I had discovered this location in warmer weather}

not all together a disappointment, in fact I may have squealed with amazement to myself at the wonderfully unpredictable outcome. 

albeit lovely I was interested in just how much more wonderful I could get out of a second bundling and immersion in my studio vessel. 

I'm thrilled with the final outcome . The predominant variances have me wanting more of this in my work.