I want to share a tunic collection

I want to share a tunic collection recently made available at The Tiadaghton House especially for Lebanon IL Brick Street Merchants Holiday shopping event.

The collection features upcycled cotton tee foundations with added lengthening panels of cotton crochet lace and varied sizes/shapes pieced together from my studio refashion cotton remnants. Some of the pieces feature textural detail constructed with cotton remnant snips and embellished with milk glass and shell buttons. Each piece is a unique refashion, one with cold shoulder trend another simple with a pocket, a few asymmetrical hemlines, nice flowing nuances and varying waist line locations. I try and push my personal artisanal boundaries with at least one piece in each collection. The piece featuring generous long lace sides is truly a successful statement tunic that rounded out my experiences with adding large panels of open lace, finishing open lace edges and maintaining an overall complimentary drape with a comfortable light weight. The custom order photo on the left was also a push with similar challenges. The custom order photo on the right is a project that inspired me to use primarily oak leaf pigment mixed with a red maple variety to print this collection motif. {there is a funny story about a phyllis that loves white oak that goes with that custom order- remind me to share that with you sometime} I feel the prints oxidized with beautiful colorways in greens and burnt umber, hints of black walnut immersion liquid and dark mineral streams pair nicely with the overall muted neutral base color outcome. eco refashioned cotton tunics are an easy comfort to any wardrobe. Raw irregular edges and simple details give an artsy twist to an everyday wear. 

[you can of course click thumbnails for an expanded view] 

and two custom orders