I'm so far behind 2017 reckoning it ahead for 2018

I'm sewing {and sewing and sewing} 
finishing up long sleeves, getting ready to switch things over to spring/summer. Half of this rack is ready for indigo, I have a pot of onion skins warming on a hot plate to dip the whites. Sewing in between dye dips and mordant experiment. 

cotton knit, cotton sheet, wool, silk samples processing in my suthIL mimosa -Albizia Julibrissan .
I went with cutting up whole small branches, nasty thorns no stripping bark for me anyway probably some good stuff in the tiny bit of heartwood .  Sharing a studio video, woot wooting here because that is a small 2017 achievement for me.

most of all 
may all your wonderful dreams come true in 2018
HAPPY NEW !!!!!!!!