SHOP Bangles for My Gypsy Friends

Bangles are different than bracelets in that a suitable bangle "fit" will slip over the hand yet stay on the wrist.  A good way to determine bangle fit is measure from outside knuckle over to opposite outside knuckle. 
I have labeled each bangle with band inner circumference, allow me to brief that comparative with knuckle to knuckle measurements . 
small 7.85" inch circumference is approx a 2 1/2 inch knuckle to knuckle measurement 
medium 8.24" inch circumference is larger than 2 1/2 inch but smaller than 2 3/4
large 8.63" inch circumference is approx 2 3/4 inch
 xxl 9.02 inch circumference is approx 3 inch bangle

I have fashioned these bangles with 20 gauge copper wire foundation and a variety of thinner wire securing focal arrangement. I oxidized the wire to an earthy sooted tarnish then sealed with a modest verdigris patina to assure a longstanding finish that won't rub off on skin or clothing. Focal stones include rough and polished quartz, natural banded polished agate, rough black tourmaline nuggets, faceted prehnite, wood jasper, obsidian, mother of pearl disc beads, a lovely blend of nugget and biwa dyed freshwater pearls. The authentic materials weight is comfortably dispersed with a focal tri arrangement. They create a signature look individually or stacked in a wrist collection. 

The photo grid is responsive which means you can click on each individual bangle image for a nice large view. I did a whirl with the paypal cart modality, a paypal account is not necessary simply use card input when prompted during checkout. If you have a problem give me a shout or catch me on my halfstreetstudio facebook page
[if this is too complicated I will refuel my etsy shop, however I really would rather keep online sales personable rather than marketing to the masses]

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