2 moons and a croquis

Today I determined to work my way back into a plan of action. Although I haven't mastered full moon creative , the crux remains appealing enough to keep after it.  Naturally ....January is a crazy moon month 
The Blue Moon – second of two full moons in one calendar month – will pass through the Earth’s shadow on January 31, 2018, to give us a total lunar eclipse. Totality, when the moon will be entirely inside the Earth’s dark umbral shadow, will last a bit more than one-and-a-quarter hours. The January 31 full moon is also the third in a series of three straight full moon supermoons – that is, super-close full moons. It’s the first of two Blue Moons in 2018. So it’s not just a lunar eclipse, or a Blue Moon, or a supermoon. It’s all three … a super Blue Moon eclipse!
Is it the first Blue Moon total eclipse in 150 years, as some social media memes are now claiming? It is … if you’re not considering the whole world, but only the Americas. ~ earthsky.org
funny strange is Jan 31st "blue moon" is "Blood Moon" which i did get a little befuddled into all the red moon stuff{still absorbing that} - but I do get that it is a super blue moon eclipse 
the first moon is for real the second one is astronomy humor make believe -but it works for me beautifully


you see I have been working the onion skins and today began a new indigo vat , using Michael Garcia's 1-2-3 organic vat recipe, bananas as my fructose source.

so here we have it beautifully onion skin dyed cottons

{and honest I did squeal with delight to myself} I think is much richer teal blue with the yellow undertones, one quick dip appears sufficient so I'm liking the economics already. I don't mind the indigo work but it does require some slowing down patiently dipping then readjusting tweeking the vat.  Onion skins is way less stressful and near predictable outcome. I really think the indigo agrees with any residual onion skin thus far I don't detect a big color shift in the vat or ph for that matter. I'm keeping some paper tag swatches to see if I notice a shift. 
-the left is a single 2 minute dip nice pastel watery green , the right double 2 minute dips noticeably more blue.- this was 20 min oxidation and still wet , I will determine more in the morning.

so I highjacked deviant art member Zapphyre wonderful moon glyphs  - I think it will help me journal with more intention , I added a spin to it by adding month and year numerals {which will work unless is a super blue moon and then of course I may refer to adding a secondary numeral or glyph still contemplating. Anywhoza whatza todays glyph is officially 

and no a croquis is not an alien , but very foreign to how I usually go about designing. 
croquis: a rough draft sketch
I will jump on that discussion tomorrow.