CROQUIS: kroh-keez
no it's not a dirty word , but sketching out my re-fashion ideas sounds alot like work! So, any good prime up for work begins with coffee /magazines and a good long exchange with an artsy friend. {you don't have to be a dreamer but it helps}. Given I put down all serious painting and drawing endeavors on the birth of #1 son Jan 22 1993 {with exception to throwing a compelling compassion for seasons at some oilstick paint landscapes}. I do own 2 copic markers, a lovely assortment of pencils/brushes/inks/watercolors etc... yeah me , heck right sadly they are still brand new tucked in privy with good intentions. 
back to coffee and artsy friends I showed for coffee with a handbag of magazines, full on ready to sift the pages for my croquis tracing... no no no not the skinny elongated stylish swiftty runway swank {btw Muglee's apple danish is very inspiring } no no no plus sizes and curves, something real and Ruebenesque.  I ended up having a splendid catchup with conversation and a pile of fragrance peel and sniffs- 1 good Diva and a few exciting poses, an athletic black and white photograph nearly as lovely as the "bod".  overall a general lack of enthusiasm to bust out the drawing instruments but my file does contain #getchitdone seeds  and it smells real pretty too.

which is fine because the new moon is about "habit your way out of the dark" this new big empty space is open to intentions.
New Moon You are in the dark...habit your way out of it. Define the Problem, Brainstorm, Vision Board it, Talk about it. You might be brimming with ideas or you might not have a clue what to do. Pick something. Start with one idea or start with a problem that has been bugging you creatively that you want to begin to solve. Take this stretch of between 7-8 days to • !st define the problem you want to solve. • Brainstorm ideas with yourself or someone else. • Write your problem at the top of your page and then hand write three pages each day about what ever you want to write about...the solution will bubble up once the mental constipation has cleared the system. • Create a vision board or mood board using Pinterest or magazine cut outs. • Now find someone you work well with and begin to discuss the project or start describing the following things as if to a six year old. - Why you plan on doing your thing. What you plan on doing exactly, and How you plan on doing it. Where are you going to do it? And When can they expect to see the results. At this point we are moving from our Crown chakra (the space reserved for ideas, thoughts and divine inspiration) and moving to the Minds Eye (the movie theatre of our mind where we begin to create a bit of shape around the idea) then passing into the Throat chakra where we discuss hear how we are talking about it and by so doing we gain greater clarity and can see how it is translating to others ~ Mandi Lynn

Muglee's Brew really was the highlight of my week thus far