New Moon Fresh Focus

I get in a social media party swing and totally abandon blogging {good heavens I love my facebook party people too much} and did you notice I left off with the unfinished business of "croquis" sighhhh I really need to elevate from jotting down idea whims on scraps and restaurant napkins and carry a sketchpad. Alas I'm back to the diary and jumping in with a new moon effort to catch up with my blogging and stay caught up for a solid new moon to full moon - the second full moon of March no less another 2018 blue moon with spring forward time change resonating a " behind my ahead".
Firstly I've been busy doing a fun thing with a new stockist Whiskey River Dry Goods in Litchfield IL, you can visit Michelle's facebook business page at Whiskey River Dry Goods Company. I'm feeling the love of a warm welcome into a mix of edgy blingy unique handmade fashion brands mingled with a competitive pulse to firm up the what, how and whys of my small collections of eco -refashions. {it may take me a new moon to recap the end of January and where I bounced through February and zoomed into March.}

I started in February's new moon with a rebirth frame of mind. Specifically starting with giving my personal garments a spaday in the studio and outlining a pigment refresh/optional mending rebirth service for purchased well loved Half Street Studio garments.

Yes I was having a party day on my HalfStreetStudio facebook page if you want to skim the aftermath. 

from there I moved into adding natural plant extracts, sourced from beyond my region, as a means to achieve color overlays primary to my sustainable regional leaf windfall print modality. Yes of course I hit a learning curve but what fun I experimenting with dripping wet pigment one end of my stdio to another. At one point I had 5 pots steeping each with a different potion, Easter egg dyeing gone wild!
although different than printing I felt the outcomes worthy of including a few basic overdyes to each of the recently completed collections.

Myrobalan Nut extract, buttery yellow pigment but valued as a mordant hefty in tannin concentration.
I began with some non pre mordant processing to see how far I could push the myrobalan as mordant possibility on cottons. {oh and as you can see I've added bottoms to my collection too! exciting}

I then combined the myrobalan with an indigo overdye in search of the reputation for achieving "teal greens"

refining my experiments with a few light handed ombre like cotton garments

of course I had to pair this with ecoprint on linens

[TO BE CONTINUED -I promise :)]
and happy new moon coming down the hall