Have Alchemy Will Travel

I am incredibly pleased with what has developed 
from my vinegar and metal distilled mordant jars. Equally thrilled to include a sampling of each mordant in my alchemy field box. I have on my agenda a few day trips to nearby streams for collecting windfalls and perhaps some interesting weed growth. I'm hoping to discover a new favorite and see what comes of mixing some pigment tea from the plants and my various mordants. 

 I'm intrigued with the patina developing on this copper wire I'm hoping 
some of the metals have broken down in the liquid and made available to use as mordant.

clearly a difference in appearance between copper {left} and iron {right} 

I have already sampled on paper results between aluminum mordant and a very mature distilled iron  
each mixed with black walnut hulls. I'm hoping for similar detectable results with the fresh copper and iron I put in my field box.