Distilling Mordants with Copper Wire and Iron Bits

I have been on a fascinating journey with distilled mordants. Assuredly you can detect which leaf printed surface was coaxed with copper and which with iron. As is this example the copper premordant swayed a watercolour like outcome in subtle green notes pooled with mellow warms and wafting leaf silhouettes. In contrast, the iron premordant trumps a more dramatic outcome in deep brown and purplish shadows in play with darkened leaf shapes and pronounced leaf outlines. Before I move on with long sleeves, warmer knit fibers and fresh windfalls {autumn is in the air} I wanted to share how I have been utilizing my stash of upcycled cotton tshirts and at long last distilled mordants. disclaimer - the entirety of my studio processing pots included has been tainted with iron so this is not a purist copper discovery none the less similar copper nuances. lessons in The School of Nomad Arts