My First Conscious Clothing Lesson with a Good Bit of Rebel Stitching

I could not be more satisfied with taking an online class in  The School of Nomad Arts from my utmost favorite instructor India Flint. Each lesson challenges the maker top use eco critical thinking in choosing upcycled sourced materials to fashion a new garment. We are primarily direct cutting with pattern by visual example demonstration sample and sizing with measurement by twine twisted from shredded remnants. Most piecing and justifying ease is done by hand stitching with lovely silk, lace weight fibers suitable for absorbing pigment in our final bundle dyeing of constructed garment. I have selected a wool blend knit I have previously dyed now clipped snipped and reconstructed with the addition of a silk button blouse refashioned as the neck and breast section. I have some finishing stitches to do yet but things have taken shape and I am already whirling with refreshing new ideas for making winter knit garments.