I Recently Heard My Instructor Say "The Blessing of Blue"

I have been spending much of my time stitching and learning with little care to getting with the dyeing part of the process. And Strangefolk festival is coming down the hall which I really need to pump up a few beautiful things to take for vending while demonstrating the process. Anyway many of my Conscious Clothing classmates in The School of Nomad Arts are blessing their lesson projects with blue. The weather is turning reasonable below 90 but still humid least bearable without exhausting the energy quickly. I may jump in on the Blue blessing wagon beginning with a few refashioned cotton blouses working up to my beautiful stitched class projects.  I really liked this piece, enough to want a revisit with it's overall design of simplicity and charm. I do think I'm liking the prints with the blue as well. Perhaps a good pairing with garments in the light handed copper mordant and contrasting darkened iron mordant.