Half Street Studio on Main you say? I'm decided blooms happen no matter the outcome

yep that's right closed shop sold out and moved every last stitch of my studio to Belleville 
yep west Main street Belleville.
As providence would have it, my first trip to the laundry I met the Queen of the Coin Op. And just look at how fortuitous, no less than 5 wishes granted by her majesty the Night Blooming Cereus, what a gem! As a wanderer in a new land I have been hard pressed to fully know the customs and feel comfortable with begin agains. I surely did relate to her majesty pressed against the interiors, the outside just beyond a transparent yet fragile boundary, entangled in more of her than available space. How beautiful total awe of her perseverance. Perfection in natures' example on how to tenaciously adapt by branching upward as if to behest the Heavens to send blooms. Curiously divine how the weight of the blooms level out the highs, fill in the lows and guide the way for living in the light. This my friends was a welcome poem for my weary artsy self, yes I wept because I understood but had nothing of greater worth to exchange. I belonged there in that moment basking in the gentle withering after glow of her lovely season in bloom. 

what a presence I mean just look at her size which by the way is gigantic for little ol metro east