Had me at "Nomad"

Still with me ?! well good because I'm still with me too. Today I am diving deeper into Susan Lenart Kazmer's Nomadic Jewels  Intentional Metalsmithing Masters course. Yes #1 she had me at nomad #2 its too cold for me to wander outside for extended creative flow so I'm tapping back into my love for dimensional jewelry and wandering my little hands-ies over bits of precious earth. I love my simple work station and beyond love for Susan's instruction. I think you will see this rough stones and metal work marry into my stitched leaf coloured work flow. I surely can feel the romance sparks lighting my heart and I couldn't be more willing to push through these pandemic challenges to experience a new norm .

All things Susan Lenart can be found on her web site

I'm picking up this story where I left off with creating beautiful edgy steampunk textile accessories my dearest artistic partner and Jewelry D'Art creator Ricky of  EDM DESIGNS. For the record all things e about the "business" end of being an artist Ricky validated in pouring her commerce heart and soul out in me. Especially by her example in ethic towards bringing your very best game to the table and raising the standard midst your market.  To be perfectly honest at the time my domestic dynamics (kids cats dog earning dependable income)  brought to light my deepest need to fill in the lows bring down the highs and level in with some continued masters mentoring to expand my skill set for the long haul.

EDM Designs "The Tiffany's of Steampunk"

I love this collection Ricky and I mustered, mostly because it surfaced who was following our designs with creating replications thereof, evidence we broke in with extreme dimensional wearable nuances. 

We journeyed the dark to the light extremes (and everything in between) with a beautiful edgy steampunk bridal design collection

We went from wrists to necks marrying Ricky's works D'Art intricates and textile accessories.
Yes of course designs for men too. The vial pockets again hit the a roll with showing up in other builders' works. 

and yes of course sleeve garters! Also resin embedded watch parts in vintage pocket watch crystals.

Good Heaven's I'm tired just looking at some of that tremendous body of work.  In as much as Ricky and I accomplished a level perhaps singularly impossible, this is not what makes me want get up in the morning and jump right to work in my studio. I traveled this course as far as my little hands-ies could manage there was a deeper desire to stop and look at the map, dip the bucket deeper in the well, fresh I needed fresh and I needed to regroup my skills, approach and energy.  It is emotional to find yourself empty and feeling a void. So readily handy is the web to connect with what other creatives are experiencing, making and trending. Surfing the web creatively emptied is like shopping for groceries on an empty stomach, everything begins to have flavor a texture heck even the packages start looking tasty. It was exactly that way when I caught myself feasting on India' Flints organic deep rich natural color ways and rebel stitching. I can't be certain but I'm pretty sure I filled my cart and ran for the checkout so I could get a good taste of what I imagined was inside that gorgeous packaging. 

 hold on getting there. .... 8 years ago I tasted my first leaf print and it began a deeper uniting in my perception and desire to create.
 Admittingly I wasn't diligent to pursue photographing the journey, likewise I didn't have the enthusiasm of Ricky's solid Dean the dream photographer pumping the importance of capturing the body of work in photography archive. Looking back I realize the photographs are the map reminding the way when the artist's heart falls weary. Which is where I am today on this fine New Years Exodus. Looking back, reminding myself I love the journey. My heart remembers  the "Nomad" force in going where the spirit is creating. And it is working with nomadic modality I have learned to lean in on simplicity in tool and approach. It is both beginning and end drawing me into a constant greater momentum for continuing onward. 
Most of you have seen my leaf printed refashions, and don't panic I hardly have begum with pushing that further. I simply don't do well with boiling pots on open fire in below 50 degree weather. My winters are meditative, I enjoy stitching in cozy warmth and dreaming of wandering in sunny days. 
 The past few Winter's I took advantage of the quiet to immerse myself in India Flint's master courses at her online The School of Nomad Arts. February offerings are always a special exploration and fully charge me for a spring summer work flow. If I had to pick a single master class to recommend it would be India's The Alchemist Apron. I learned to stitch beautiful threads colored from naturals in my nearest surround, colored cloth too which was fashioned into a dreamy pocketed apron dawning stitched words, embellishments and a good sampling of inspiration gleaned from India's teachings. 

The majority of my class mates will agree each apron is individually and collectively an anthology of many narratives. A body of expressions that tell of beginnings made from ends within an infinite cycle of possibilities.  In The School of Nomad Arts if it is not beautiful it is not done and if it is done it is not the end because that is when the stories begin. Stories of overworked mental architectures functioning as imaginations for creative play,  gifted windfalls become printed souvenirs for mapping lesson chronicles onto aprons stitched from preloved shirts. Threads write words,  poems paint pictures and pockets are a force of sublime and beauty.   On my apron all the work is done- like a philosopher I’ve gone back to the wind. At home where time is measured by shadows on the moon and dreams catch in Queen Anne’s Lace umbrellas when the wind blow past my sanctum door. I can tell you anyone that has a desire to run with stitches and print with leaves can join in the #apronuprising.  However, the “eco” wiser will chose similarly organic contributions and natural phenomena to guide them through. ~Teresa Stanton 

You can view a special gallery with only Alchemist Aprons here

You can Find the Alchemist's Apron Class and other goodness at 

in closing I offer you the gift of peace in knowing we "fear no art" 
I love so hard the moon and even more the peace that has settled in my heart from wisdoms in scripture and the knowing I am a new creation by the word of God made flesh and resurrected sacrafice in Jesus Christ.  I really like Amber Purdy's collage of the moon and Miss Graphics fairy dove offerings.
you can find Amber's work on her Field and Sky Studio page and of course The Graphics Fairy library page offerings are a worm hole of inspiration.