Digesting the times

This is where I want to find myself with new beginnings

I have been internalizing way toooo much. Perhaps a combination sheltering in, revolution of every sort on every corner and cold weather. I had scheduled myself the Intentional Metalsmithing to keep me creatively consumed but I am struggling with approaching my work bench with patience. Jan 1 I purposed to spend some first hours in devotional reading and responsive painting on wee artist trade card size. For me beginnings are a new moon, easy enough representation, I marveled how many circles are in my surround.  I began using wee jars, rolls of tape, lids etc. it is very easy to latch on with an expression (which i often do) but I'm not certain that is healthy with regards to expanding. In fact I think the painting made me work tighter at the jewelry bench. It occurred to me what I was feeling may be less internal more external. I mean one doesn't paint the moon and work with beautiful stones and not expand to grandeur. So I continued working through the tightness , closeness, personal limitations internal and external.  I don't feel the need to read into my little painting journey. I dumped it on the paper walked away from it and I am open to inhale and exhale. I do feel the need to remind myself this is a place of need this is a process of letting go, this is the way to see beyond my internal limitations. 
I'm going to leave these photos here, listing them from today to where I first offered myself the opportunity to paint it out daily.