Working With Sentimental Is Helping Me Find My Way With New Expressions

 I was born in Buffalo County Nebraska , located on the Great Platte River Road. My elementary social studies were illuminated through history of the Oregon Trail and Great Plains Indians. I can remember cutting through fields of prairie grass. In the spring green fresh long stems with budding along the tips and grass hoopers big as your hand. In the fall the grasses wind beaten faded brittle from hot summer suns and all things weighted with fluff pods letting go to the winds in acts of fruition. Yes of course I though about things kids think of of. But the prairie grasses felt synonymous with the stories of wagon wheels wearing down on Platte river trails and Indian families warmed in buffalo furs by open fires. Any Nebraskan will testify to winds, for me they carried stories , with every emptying there was a filling, like a current that pushes under and through paired cobbles in a stream. That is the "feel" I ask for when I'm creating. I want to experience celebration of greater in my act of making decoration to flow from those authentic first encounters. The stitching the twisting the connecting the colors the weight the rhythm all of it to join as one to another in expression.  
So about the pieces in my photo: I'm working with copper, jewelers bronze and natural stones with the exception a single glass lampwork bead fashioned from a dear soul(right now I feel the need for her cowgirl boot wearing jewelry making heavenly lampwork bead creator energies). Copper reminds me of wheat pennies and licorice ribbons from Reddy's Candy store (and the kewl boys that used to sit on the pop bottle cooler). I like the copper too bad I can count the solder reapply times by the silver slug path cobbled along the surface, none the less evidence of my persistence to complete the task. My stitching tribe suggested doing it your way as best you can way it is rebel stitching so I'm given to suggesting it's rebel smithing.  I had it in mind to use tumbled stones and quartz reflective of my leaf pigment outcomes. I mentioned to my gem and mineral "pusher" -(yes pusher lol  what is the use of having an addiction if you can't get your fix) do you have any turquois i think I would like blues. Elsi loves flash and rainbows and inclusions of course, so naturally she nudged me towards Labradorite. I was a bit hesitant to use with the copper and bronze thinking it needs silver. I was really surprised how lovely the purplishish orangish peachish flash looks with the warmer metals I love it. To be honest the Lab has an unpredictable ethereal to what i was seeing in my creativity as a place for turquois.  Today was lovely 40 degrees and sunny, picture days outside are a luxury this time of year. As I'm going through photos reviewing work from the screen inwards I am finding direction for how I want to proceed. What I want to keep what I want to let, what needs more defining. When I look at the photo I can hear in my creative spirit the Nebraska winds blowing through the tassels, the trinkets jingling in celebration dance they are to me symbols of the things given and the things that continue displayed in sacred burial ground manner in this point in journey.