Yann Arthus Bertrand ariel photography

 Salt flats that look like giant treesFractal patterns spread into Salar de UyuniBolivia

Mid October I began questioning why I was feeling pulled inwards to a time of rest. No easy thing for my busy drive to sit quietly with thought, even greater task re-learning self care routine. Little did I realize my death grip hold on the renderings the work the expressions the connections was mirroring fear mingled with limitation on my capacity to both give and receive. 

Surrender is powerful (also very exhausting hence the rest) . I love this image albeit no water dry thirsty salted earth... one cannot help marveling the life force rendering. Water water water water (pee pee pee) anyway I am learning tears sown in gratitude begin with water. 

I had it in mind to finish my year with all things unfinished. That said I began a collaboration mindset with my artsy friend Allyson, Sennit + Sauvage (pronounced like Senate and Sew-vaʒ ) . Allyson gifted me with a quantity her hand painted marks on lovely plush bamboo fabric cutoffs. I have pictured the upcycled rework of said cutoffs and felt lead to delight them in generous size and carry forward the  abundant expression with oak leaf hydrangea leaf prints. The mental download with this little bit of work was well worth every bit of rest.  I'm more than certain forthcoming will be about the giving and receiving towards this collaboration. Yes I truly wanted to push forward with more work in this direction but with literally caution to the wind I reserved to my necessary gathering leaves and doing the internal work. 

If you would like to see more of this collaboration,  Allyson has made available our collection online at ECLECTICA