My Mind Has Been Wandering


I very much appreciate the company of a candle flame in winter. So few daylight hours, at best getting on with a fresh new year routine, chiseling out time to wander at the speed of light. I feel like I just get acquainted with an afternoon then it's gone. Two or more tea lights brighten my restlessness early nights. I haven't felt much like a long story read or jumping in with a grand project. I'm more inclined to wander the planet maps and self improvement formulas (which always end the journey with "setting goals"). I recently read goals produce stability and stability promotes wholeness, my thought is goals are something I need to do but don't want to do because the main thing for me is to wander. It's when wandering I feel my consciousness shift, what gems beautiful berries on tangled vines or tiny dried hips on multiflora rose twigs, there is life beyond goals like a bird protecting her nest among the brush, tidy creeks narrowed between cobbles and time riddled tree roots persevered logical paths. I'm venture to wonder if goals are really worth the time it takes to dialogue, categorize and engrave them on the almighty planner. As always I leave you with a promise to blog more, to make more beautiful art and find within my journey some small thing that lends great presence, something of sentimental value that gifts the giver with a receiver. 

(my precious sweet daddy, may all your best memories be with you in the heavenly realms)