Navigating a Higher Perspective

Part of techno age is having a tremendous digital archive. This image is from 2015, early beginnings for my work with leaf prints in India Flint's School of Nomad Arts. I distinctly recall making mental note to bring my camera along my daily walk to photograph this exact nest. At the time I wanted to keep a memory of the beauty in new spring blooms, the drop seed pods extra tokens heralding ceremonial fruition and how gently lightly trusting was built the nest middle a cross branching. I admired that nest several walks never questioning my attraction, I mean who doesn't feel a sense of home with a nest.  On this particular walk I climbed the redbud tree a bit then lifted my camera above to capture a photo. From the bottom looking up I was unable to appreciate the magnificent structure depth. To my surprise the nest was anything but a loose shoddy random arrangement. How intently lovely, wholeness woven in spiral rhythm, I am still today ahhhhed in amazement with this kind of innate intelligence. 


Today I have encouraged myself to maneuver a crossroad, not underestimate foundations, no matter the appearance from vantage below. I set my intentions to weave life with refreshed routines and hold mindset to establishing depth with rhythm.