7 Day Challenge

I had a span in time where capturing a photo a day was a significant goal in developing my photography language skill. I distinctly remembering driving back rounds looking for that perfect image to capture my day. Yes naturally I already used up all my favorite spots, I had reached a growth stage where I really had to get out there and discover something new to photograph yet a subject that still resonated with what I truly loved. There in the middle of what seemed place after place agricultural fields and gravel roads shone the gorgeous beautiful sun. Yes me and the camera lay in the field marveling at the last sunshine in the day. It was glorious and all the time right there I just hadn't given myself to a moments in gratitude for all things becoming beautifully illuminated in the suns presence.

 My friend and spiritual coach @ruth_skyy and fellow skyytribe member @christinacrowder are presenting a 7 day challenge, starting today. The challenge is a morning reset with Ruth est 7 a.m. a little bit of reading via an email prior to session, Yeah me, I'm on cst time 1 hour earlier, my body made it to 6a.m. zoom day 1. I'm thinking Christina's 9 p.m. /8 my time won't feel as big the getting there stress and probably a little yoga will do me good. I'm swearing off a nap today and really trying to get on with the SUN day. My take-away for the challenge today is really looking at what is being illuminated in thought of who I am. That includes the parts of me that are sometimes shut up like a junk drawer or accumulations of random things to be sorted.  Amen we have sun today with highs 47 degrees, I may try to get at the sweetgum tree mess in the front yard a little today with my sun. I also have a noon to one clock  zoom workshop with  Kristina's Aligning Art & Business  addressing in n outs emailing subscribers who want to keep on with your art modality ( you should be relieved I'm finally getting professional input and may be able to provide some sensible content lol) . I do feel a lot of what I experience in "who I am" is relative to what I feel is "other's expectations of who I am". I'm understanding the importance of knowing who I am simple exercises to maintain the delicate balance between "in my head"  "what I feel"  and "going with external flow", which for me does often present a need for focused effort. Exciting news is my friends at The Astroflower recently launched a major presence on youtube with "energy" readings by Tom Lawless based on his work with creating a new concept for a new paradigm, surmounting his work with earth energy lines, sun activity and collected insights on our collective relationship with these energies.  Lots to be excited about discovering today. Today I'm choosing sunlight, renewing, transformation and of course some good old fashion willingness to put forth the effort to do the work.