Ambition is the Double Edge Sword

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Ambition is the Double Edge Sword, well not really but when you are standing on the edge of dreaming your life and working up the moment to living it ambition sure feels like a duality. (i'm going to tell my age with this example ) a 1970's song lyrics "don't cross the river if you can't swim the tide-Don't try denyin' livin' on the other side" . no I am not interpreting the song meaning nor the 70's. The lyrics appear straight forward, which coincidentally is the direction smack center a crossroad. Especially with considerations in taking the path less traveled, cutting through a new path. I was thinking about how ambition weighs in, on one hand there is the desire to reach the other side on the other the ambition needed to enter into the tide. Perhaps this living out the dream is more about swimming the tide rather than what is on the other side. To me standing there , working up the courage to enter seems very ambitious. Yes trusting the tides will most likely heave ho out across on the other is ambitious too. But oh my I imagine the heave ho-ed,  laying there out of breathe, confused on what the heck did I whirl through, how far did the tide take me from where I thought i was going not to mention a sorely bruised hard learned ambition if any at all remains lol. That in itself often gives me a clue I need time to heal BEFORE beginning. This merging dualities is "work" and I dare say better done when prompted to. Yes the stories are breathing in your thoughts so go on and tell yourself the details of gain, of surrender and patiently digest all that might define this crossing place. yes I know  we all heard this story before but stories often lend a detail specific to the time in remembering. It takes a bit of heave ho to fashion a heroic ending, other times the hero's dreams initiate a mentoring or equipping to reach the finish. The idea is bring all of this into one space, this place in crossing and try to feel the shift side to side up, then gathering the stories together as if you are gathering sands in time. Now be brave and flip the hour glass, slowly emptying top to bottom mixing each detail as one. Easy enough ta-da empty space, and there you have a moment with all things collected, this moment where the stories seem to settle into quiet standstill. If you have ever floated on the current river it does a mind some quiet good to be carried gently along the whole time seeing perfectly clear through to the river bottom. It takes but a few minutes in the current to negotiate what is "balance", ha! also what works to fasten in the belongings you solidly don't want to sink or be carried away in the current. Yes I'm getting very comfortable with this kind of moment, funny strange it has taken me a lot of living my life to learn how to dream one. I am still learning about my ambitions, how to heal,  how to balance, how to merge and for the most part how to tell the stories.