GOOD TO THE LAST DROP (can you tell I reduced to 1 or 2 cups of coffee)

there are just the 2 of us floundering around the nest, each with our own loose routine structures coupled with extreme opposite time keeping. The past 2 years have done the work on collapse this year begins reconstruction. In oct 2021 I halted down to the most essential responsibilities, minimum work. Nov unraveled numerous personal blind spots with lots of releasing, cutting cords and rewording boundaries with similar. Dec began a real work on self care, specifically what I had/am now intentionally unintentionally letting in my 5 senses (portals), omg more releasing cutting cords letting go and a good deal of positive self talk with taking back my personal power. Jan "just the two of us" clashed lol no I mean merged the house cleaning schedule, meal planning, yeah us no blood was shed and yeah me I faired reasonably with maintaining my personal progress.  um yes every dang crisis came to the surface and yes we both required tons more rest. Here we are Feb latching down to fleshing out the do-ability of house keep, meals and continuing self care, boundaries and picking up the studio work flow.  As providence would have it I got lodged in my head and had to unstuck my brain to get back in my body with the flow, escapism can be a beautiful in the studio work but it does nothing for getting things moving physically- assuming that is the real work this month.  Onward I am delivering some very lovely inventory to Tiadaughton House today, after all I set the intention to deliver inventory every other week as 1 of 5 intentions I set for the new Year. I have a strong inclination I will be addressing the validation of the other 4 intentions as this month progresses.