Truth Expands Over the Face of Time

Words hardly measure what can be observed, felt and imagined in reflections. Tree tops moving across standing water in the quiet passing sun. It all seems very mastery in place speaking languages of time.  I don't claim to have extraterrestrial or super human gifts, I have a willing heart with two feet planted on God's green earth for the listening. Although I miss my Shawnee Forest home the places along the Mississippi River have welcomed my presence. My first walks were of course in my neighborhood discovering familiar overgrowths of Honey locusts, Black Willows and Staghorn Sumac (leaves I'm partial to working with). I also walked my dogs in several parks with preference to a wooded park including trails and a no leash designated area. Albeit bittersweet is shunned for evasiveness/toxic I was beyond thrilled to discover several overgrowths in that wooded park often sensing a "place" story was unfolding. Cahokia Mounds holds a prominent history for this area. My first visit to the mounds was virtual, absorbing mainstream projections over this place. I drove the twelve minute backway into Cahokia Mound park, through trailer park communities, gravel pit industry and well I don't recall what but it wasn't flourishing beautiful as is this magnificent "place" history. yes I prayed the entire time with heart words and funny my radio station was playing "I'm a Soul Man" ...Anyway I arrived at the mounds, too cold for hitting the grand plaza, I drove a minute more, parked at WoodHenge.  Not knowing what is spiritually appropriate I hesitated to enter the circle without first recognizing what is there and speaking my intent to enter reverently. As I prayed a bit I kind of got spooked by 2 cars whipping into the parking lot, like I might be in a vulnerable position for ill intent. Perhaps it was simply energy I hadn't felt before none the less I moved my place for continued prayer to monk's mound area feeling safer in the company with visitors walking. I left feeling like so much has been recognized with the mounds yet so much is yet to be reverenced. There was an over riding projection in my mind of what I had read of human sacrifice attached to this "place" . So much so I didn't have to ask in prayer, I felt a deep unfolding in human story, perhaps the collective question to all "what are we sacrificing, what will our proceeding generations mend in our undoing" . No I distinctly am not about tapping into this energy but it's there and asking for consideration in lending assistance to a healing merge both light and dark, perhaps manifestations in surviving fear, political governs and being humanly dependent to environmental forces. The weather is so really cold for walking/praying/seeking, hence most of my Cahokia wanderings have been reading. I was near Lebanon Il and set out to see the Cahokia satellite site Emerald Mound. Although the state owns the mound , it is situated in the middle of private owned farm land with out public access to the mound. Gee whiz I hardly knew how to find so I pligged in the gps and wandered at best to a road named Emerald Mound. I started praying not certain the "you are here" gps message knew any more than me. The mound is clearly visible 1/4 mile or so from the road, covered with trees a place to itself above leveled corn fields and a lovely farmstead situated right adjacent. In my prayer I spoke what sounded like "La Hoo-Mah" several times. I felt a deep sense of home or belonging, not so much for me but like it was sentiment or feeling. I kept remembering the word  sound and the feeling trying to fit it with explanation to what I had read. A couple days later I googled HooMah nothing, ok lets try Homa ah! Houma Nation a Louisiana tribe 


The Houma are a historic Native American people of Louisiana on the east side of the Red River of the South. Their descendants, the Houma people or organization "The United Houma Nation", have been recognized by the state as a tribe since 1972, but are not recognized by the federal government. 


The most interesting article I read dated JANUARY 27, 2020 reopens the story of endings suggesting rather a mark in new beginnings, collective expansion in ancient Cahokia people's. Really an excellent read truly opened my heart to believing the story is yet to be reflected in it's broader sense to include historical truth. 


“One would think the Cahokia region was a ghost town at the time of European contact, based on the archeological record,” White said. “But we were able to piece together a Native American presence in the area that endured for centuries.”

The findings, just published in the journal American Antiquity, make the case that a fresh wave of Native Americans repopulated the region in the 1500s and kept a steady presence there through the 1700s, when migrations, warfare, disease and environmental change led to a reduction in the local population.

New study debunks myth of Cahokia’s Native American lost civilization


 It's all been for me a very beautiful unfolding in a story that I feel belongs to a people in earnest connection with water and ancient Cahokia. I'm a simple person with no focus to influence or say to validate this connection or my connection to peoples or spiritual gifting.  I simply felt deeply in my spirit enough to write this long post if nothing more than myself moving forward with validated appreciation for  recognizing the energies I embraced walking Ancient Cahokia.