Wings in the Wind

Mercury at 24° Capricorn Chandra Symbol
“A woman wearing a mask made out of butterfly wings.
Wrapped about in customary trappings. Made to look and act the part superbly. Programmed to do everything on cue. Taking yourself in hand, and subordinating all other factors to ambition, power, and worldly position. In a premeditated, systematic, super orderly fashion, fitting the role. So good at this you fool yourself. The perfect wraparound set-up of simply turning yourself into what everybody needs to see. But because there is so much manipulation and control in it, this can become highly corrupted. It all depends on the motivation. At best, you will become a viable role model for a given set of characteristics of an advanced kind to be embodied perfectly. But at worst, you will deceive and beguile and maneuver so smoothly that nobody will know what you serve, who your master is, and where all this comes from after all.”
A dazzling but confusing day as Mercury stations direct at 24° Capricorn conjunct Pluto.
The Pisces Moon will conjunct Neptune in Pisces and then sextile stationing Mercury and Pluto before a conjunction with problem solver Pallas Athena.
Meanwhile, Mars in Capricorn sextiles Jupiter in Pisces bringing a creative surge.
The Chandra symbol for the Mercury station is intriguing. I think this is more about the trappings of society than you per se. Though you may have some deep revelations around where you are just playing expected roles. Where you are following expectations and ‘programming’. In this respect the energy of the Moon, Jupiter, Neptune, and Pallas Athena in Pisces can help you to look behind the mask and begin to create something more in alignment with what’s behind your mask. Of course the mask is butterfly wings, a symbol of transformation. As things begin to move forward over the next couple of weeks we will find a few masks ripped off!

Today is really a day to just keep swimming. To keep afloat and to do what’s needed. 

Cosmic Owl Astrology - Louise Edington


My sun sign Pisces with Mercury - Jupiter - Chiron in that house (the current new moon in Pices umm "wham"), Capricorn rising with Moon in that house, Pluto -Uranus in Virgo and yes I am in my second Saturn return 18 degress Aquarius conjunct Venus ( that just about covers the whole sha bang) . I feel like this mercury position is something I  work through again and again. Perhaps subconsciously I addressed expression of this Chandra symbol per evidence in digital images I created in 2007,  shared with you today.

in 2007 I was discovering the joy of  desktop clutter rather than studio production mess. I was clearing my personal space and redefining mental space. My creative process was focused on blue printing mental architectures, looking at dimensional shape on a 2d  scape.  

 a few examples exercises worked through in 2007

As for today I am quietly reverently admiring the snowy landscape (fixed water ) view outside my window, working through some jewelry assembling and holding space for thought on this specific phrase.

"where are you are more like a tree when you should be more like the wind?" ~ Opal Oracle

(per the bird wings apparently I switched it up beyond the butterfly along the way)

if you are feeling challenged finding ways to open mental dimension and space, setting fear aside bust out the creative flow and fly with it