in times of fragile endings and tender new beginnings


quartz with mica inclusions- I personally love the faint warm tint and scattered speckles - each one of them is slightly unique but all of them a gentle sincere energy.

the very sensitive intuitive opal oracle made suggestion to slow the roll through Pisces season , mentioning "you can't push the ocean" right? 
I say yes opal yes right especially when it feels like an ocean of chaos.  
I have been struggling to find words, the most optimistic expressions seem insensitive and to linger with defeating confessions seems counter productive too. Tonight the moon just couldn't be fuller. If we are to pray, to believe, to offer salutations, we, like the moon, find purpose as a beacon, to reflect light through the darkness is by example this full moon. I have a 59th birthday tomorrow and right now I feel it is the universe telling me to eat more cake, light more candles, celebrate life and count my blessings not years.
  (yes keep doing the yoga even if you suck at touching your toes and you have to bend your knees to keep from falling over, yes drink more water even if it makes you have to pee every 5 minutes, take more long relaxing soaks in the bathtub even if there isn't time or energy, eat more vegetables and drink more fresh juice even if you have to make a mess chopping and peeling, cut cords with the things that gobble up you power even if it means having a long overdue cry and most of all love yourself through everything especially making space for healing to begin in the parts of you that feel unlovable ) 

I always feel like I'm talking to myself via blog posting, if you are out there and happen to stay long enough to read along I thank you very much for hanging in there with me. I do feel one of these days I will make a proper web space or perhaps escalate my spamming skills to an entertaining newsletter but for now I'm feeling pretty comfortable unloading in an occasional blog post,  mingling on instagram @teresa.halfstreetstudio and as the weather is warming and the forces that be are willing I'm looking forward to live in person contact with my local community markets.