I'm Going With "IT"


This week I used up what feels like a  good portion of my life "branding". Wheww the only thing more taxing than taxes is looking into the soul mirror adding up one's personal worth in fortitude.  Sooo if you aren't on my list please do have a quickie visit to my new Subscribe blog page and do the thang. (yes I know it's a roundabout journey but I absolutely hate pop ups especially after I already subscribed )

 My Etsy branding is updated too {ha! NO I have zero items for sale online - but if I did they would sho nuff be on ETSY no matter the fuss over Etsy good bad and ugly. Geewhiz I joined Etsy among the first 3000 sellers and actually I'm real proud of the monster it has grown up to be.

hey hey how 'bout that logo huh -it's got rhythm, eco , lunar&sol and my name big as ever (yes one of those good ol fashion names that needs a "sister" or "saint" to flower it up lol)  well anyway I'm over being someplace else or somebody else. lol my friend's husband used to holler her name all the dang time she would just smile and sing Destiny's Child song "say my name say my name". 

ok then big whoop right  - welp it is if you don't have your best self together 
[if you looking for a big fancy artist statement I'll dream on up while I'm making the pretty stuff]
thanks for following , love ya to the moon and back!