Less is More


 comes a time when you're driftin' [ my friend suggested "thrift'n" lol I love that for sure]

(comes a time when you settle down)

Oh, this old world keeps spinnin' 'round
It's a wonder tall trees ain't layin' down
There comes a time ~in my Neil Young voice

Today I went very drastic replaced my 12 cup percolator with a mini pot (it states 4 but honestly it's more like 1 cup and a warmerupper shot). I may switch it up to the fancyfancy cup with mention to myself I had 4 cups.... none the less I'm less.

and would you believe after all these years I'm embracing the idea of trying on logos, sighhhhh my studio name is too long and the many sweet years on half street are fading nostalgia. I 'm not ready to let it all go but I am solidly downsizing into Teresa modality. 

or perhaps this 
{oh heck or maybe this}

[going to sleep on it]

although I haven't clicked the order button, this may very well be my  brands tag which may be lovely enough affirmation to sew on the out.

I'm still insta-ing (no reels) just grams @teresa.halfstreetstudio

I'm midweek a skyytribe challenge : technology for business only, low key activity, no caffeine sugar sex drugs or rocknroll... good heavens one mini pot of coffee feels cut off lol "it's a personal best" . Honestly I have been trying to be mindful in consumption cutting out plastics is a dang trick - conservative water running/use - I'm pretty adapt to talking to myself plus my sweetie blares the tv several hours in a day/night so it is what it is. 

I'm trying to get comfortable with the thought I actually purchased fresh new old stock factory salvage yardage...  this is a first, for years I have enjoyed thrifting redeployable clothing my heart is a little saddened with the realty, #1 100% cotton clothing is scarce [silk/wool/linen on the extinction list), #2 all thrifts have upted the resale price way higher than I glean usable cloth.  I like white, beige or neutrals, I'm really persnickety about what kind of stains and how badly stressed out the seams or I might purchase a bail of cotton. For now, moving forward with materials ordered to complete projects with what's on hand. My intentions set on a limited collection of refashions with lovely stone accessories to match for May Market.