BRIGHT SOULS GIVE LIGHT at just the right time in just the right place


Mon 09 | Day

SSE 19 mph

Mostly sunny. High 83F. Winds SSE at 15 to 25 mph. Higher wind gusts possible.


 still soaking in yesterdays mothering, going to give all things some sunshine and fresh air see what grows. I have it with intentions to offer the winds those things that need a little wind under the wings, lifted higher (yes especially thoughts). 

A day for Mom, good bad or ugly thus far none of us would be here without one.... A day for Dad is coming down the hall.  I have the fortunate memories of being mothered by several shining souls, both male and female. Yes I had a few pets that seemed to sense when I needed their connection with unconditional love. My greatest claim to mothers is a long line of female clientele. I was born into a family that came with a genetic disposition for having hairdresser tools or art tools in both hands. The universe is smart about providing people, places and experiences. I summed it up in my stash of Teresa philosophies as God himself radiates a heart code through the right person right place right time for this lighting quick flash to capture twixt tween attractions.  NO  I solidly am not always tuned in but I'm sure enough intentionally reminding myself to pay attention because I do not want to miss the glo-up. I couldn't be any more full of gratitude for the people in my life pure sunshine 100%.